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50 things that won’t be in heaven

Looking forward to the end of all the stuff that ruins life.

I’m preaching a weekend retreat for high schoolers as I write this. On the second night I talk about sin, God’s wrath and hell. The next night I talk about the cross, resurrection and heaven. I love telling them about heaven. They always come up with all kinds of questions for me.

  • Will we know each other?
  • What will we look like?
  • Will we be able to skate?
  • Will we be able to drive any car we want?
  • Is it going to be like camp?
  • I know there are a bunch of high schoolers who read this blog. I just want to encourage you to keep asking questions.

For the record I don’t know the exact details of what we will do but I do know it will be better than anything you can imagine. It will especially be better than what we deserve for our sin, the wrath of God in hell.

One verse that get’s me really excited about heaven (specifically the New Heaven or the New Jerusalem) is Revelation 21:4.

He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning, nor crying, nor pain anymore, for the former things have passed away.

What this verse does for me is it causes me to ponder all the things that WON’T be in heaven (of course the point of heaven is that Jesus will be there and sin will be no more). I have actually made a list of the things I’m excited about leaving behind. I’d love for you to add to it in the comments section!

  1. police
  2. war
  3. weapons
  4. band aids
  5. first aid kits
  6. fasle prophets
  7. false doctrines
  8. political debates
  9. social anxiety
  10. depression
  11. worry
  12. fear
  13. pride
  14. tissues (no crying!)
  15. hospitals
  16. medicine
  17. cavities
  18. divorce
  19. car wrecks
  20. jealousy
  21. temptation
  22. prostitution
  23. suicide
  24. eating disorders
  25. school shootings
  26. bullying
  27. hunger
  28. thirst
  29. bills
  30. credit cards
  31. debt collectors
  32. demons
  33. satan
  34. theological debates
  35. denominations
  36. guilt
  37. funerals
  38. regret
  39. apologies
  40. sad songs
  41. fights
  42. drugs
  43. drunkenness
  44. sin
  45. idolatry
  46. boredom
  47. discontentment
  48. scars
  49. shame
  50. loneliness