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10 Christian discussion starters

Image: 10 Christian discussion starters

A list of questions to help you start conversations about Jesus.

Starting a conversation about God can be difficult. But Sean McDowell has created a few questions that he says can be helpful in generating discussion around Jesus and Christianity. The goal of these questions is not to make people feel uncomfortable, but to open up genuinely helpful dialogues about matters of ultimate importance. So, prepare your own answers ahead of time and then use these questions when you have the opportunity.

  1. Is there a meaning to life? If so, what do you think it is?
  2. What is the key to human happiness?
  3. Who do you think is the most influential person who has ever lived?
  4. What are the most serious problems the world is facing?
  5. Do you believe in an afterlife? How do you think you get there?
  6. If you could ask God one question, what would it be?
  7. Do you believe in God or a higher power?
  8. Do you believe truth exists? If so, do you think we can know truth?
  9. Do you believe some things are always right or always wrong, like murder? What makes them wrong?
  10. What do you think about Jesus?

Don't be afraid if you don't know all the answers, or if the conversation gets difficult. You don't have to answer everything right away. Be prepared to say you aren't 100% sure on everything, and pray that you will have an opportunity to share the gospel with those who don't know it.


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