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Jim Davison

Jim Davison

Jim Davison is the Kitchen Director who oversees the operation of The Kitchen and other activities that are part of the Many Rooms ministry to the homeless. He is married to Fleur and has a two small daughters, Alice and Sophie. Jim grew up in Melbourne in a Christian family and made a decision to follow Christ when he was twelve after hearing his missionary grandfather speak about his faith. He moved to Canberra to work with the government after completing an economics degree. After a range of roles as a public servant in welfare policy, he moved back to Melbourne to manage a research program on housing and homelessness for the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute.
Jim first got involved in the Many Rooms ministry as a volunteer team leader and member of the management committee. Jim is passionate about City on a Hill’s involvement in mercy ministry because of the way it can directly help people in need but also change a person’s perspective about God along the way.

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