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Ronnie Campbell

Ronnie Campbell

Ronnie is an adjunct instructor for Liberty University Online in Lynchburg, VA and for Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, AZ. He teaches courses in theology, Christian worldview, philosophy, and biblical studies. Ronnie also attends Liberty University where he’s working on a PhD in Theology and Apologetics.

In addition to academic work, Ronnie is involved at his local church, Blue-ridge Community Church, where he serves on the teaching team for a discipleship ministry called TruthWorks. He has been on mission trips both internationally and locally to places like India, Thailand, Mexico, and several places in the United States.

Ronnie enjoys working with youth and has served as youth minister for two congregations. He is passionate about teaching and training others to think theologically about all of life. Ronnie regularly blogs on topics related to theology, apologetics, and worldview at

Ronnie is married to Debbie. They have three kids and live in Gladys, VA.

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