Being a Christian in the Computer Game World

Image: Being a Christian in the Computer Game World

Do God's commands apply when I play games?

Since I was a little kid, I ‘ve played computer games. Yes, they did have computer games when I was a kid. And yes, Space Invaders counts. As games get more involved and more “adult”, the question needs to be asked: Will you be a Christian in the game? Does your status as a child of God and everything that comes with that apply to what’s happening on the computer screen?

One argument is that it’s just a game. You’re not interacting with the real world or with real people. They’re just pixels on a screen. According to this argument, I can do what ever I like in a computer game.

On the other hand, God calls for all of me to follow him. My every thought and every deed belong to him. It’s what’s in someone’s actions that makes them unclean, it’s what’s going on in their heart (Matthew 15:19). If this is true (and I think it is), then you can’t seperate your Christian self from your computer self. Your faith should have an impact on how you behave in the game world. If you believe it is against God’s will to kill people in cold blood in the real world (You shall not murder, Exodus 20:13), then is it okay to murder innocent bystanders in the computer world?

More and more, we find ourselves living in two worlds: the real world and the online/computer world. We are facing challenges that didn’t exist a generation ago. If you are a Christian, then you are a Christian in every world you live in. So when playing computer games, behave as a Christian. If this means not playing some games because of their content or the kinds of things you need to do to play the game, then don’t play them. If the game involves you having to dismember random people with a chainsaw or run over pedestrians in your car while delivering illegal drugs, then just don’t play them.

Play computer games as if you were a child of God. This applies double with online or multiplayer games.

Do you spawn camp with playing Call of Duty? Knock it off! You’re being a jerk and making God look bad through your actions.

Do you let loose with foul language while playing World of Warcraft? Knock it off! You’re not honouring God with your words. Most of all, you’re neglecting the opportunity to make God known online.

Use your online presence and tell people that you’re a Christian. Behave in such a way that people will see how you act in games and know that Christ has made an impact on how you live.

You live in two worlds: the real world and the computer world. Is God your God in both worlds?

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    Hey everyone, I am not a gamer and don’t really know much about it either but after reading this discussion I just remembered something my friend told me last week: everything we do should be for Christ so yeah i think this is just a helpful point to remember that in all things we should try to bring glory to God. :)

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    Great stuff! :D i’ll be sure to congratulate the person that kills me in battlefield and tell them all about god ;]

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    Stop playing video games and start reading the Bible and praying more. I assure anyone that God won’t congratulate anyone on spending hundreds of hours of there precious life on a virtual game. Getting to know God is exiting. The best part is… the more you know him… the more you love him.

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    I love being a gamer , and this article is thought provoking. I fully agree with it.

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    I don’t want to live in a world without God, so what does this mean for games?

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