The bully becomes the victim

Image: The bully becomes the victim

When Ly found Jesus in Vietnam, his whole life was turned upside down.

A Dramatic Conversion

Ly was a bully.

He was an angry young man who was extremely good at martial arts. Instead of using his martial arts training for self-defence, he used his skills and strength to beat up people.

In February 2010, Ly’s parents became very sick.

One day, an evangelist came to their village and prayed for Jesus to heal them. Immediately, their sickness left them. They were amazed and asked to know who this “Jesus” was. The evangelist shared the Gospel and the whole family committed their lives to Christ.

From that day, Ly was a changed man. One of the first things he did when he became a Christian was ask forgiveness of those he had beaten up.

Ly used to boil with anger, now he was filled with love and compassion for his enemies and longed for them to know Jesus too.

Beaten up for Jesus

As Ly began to read the Word of God, he was burdened to tell others about Jesus. He soon began travelling with a team of evangelists to share the Gospel with the lost.

In March 2010, Ly’s team was stopped by the police in a nearby village. The police demanded to know why the team was teaching about Jesus. An angry crowd gathered and, before long, they started to beat Ly and the three other evangelists.

The team was then taken to the police station where they were fined and ordered never to return to the village.

This was only one month after becoming a Christian! Ly used to beat up people, now he was being beaten up for Jesus. He told me:

I know that I will suffer for being a Christian but I am not afraid.

Ly’s Ministry

Ly is now leading a church in his village. Since his conversion, he has led 80 people to the Lord.

When he started leading the church there were only three Christian families in his village. Now there are 146 believers.

Please pray for Ly and other house church leaders in Vietnam who are boldly sharing the Gospel in the face of great opposition.

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