Three ways to deepen your prayer life

Image: Three ways to deepen your prayer life

Simple and practical tips for improving your daily time with God.

I recently read "A young woman after Gods own heart” By Elizabeth George. A couple of the chapters were about prayer. I was really encouraged by it, and since then, I have been developing better prayer habits and praying continually. Prayer is a common struggle so I want to share some tips that I’ve picked up from this book and outside that might help improve your daily prayer with our almighty God.

In this article, I will look at three practical ways to change your prayer life & in the next one I will look more closely at prayer and decision-making.

Prayer Diaries

To get started, it is really helpful to develop a prayer diary. This diary can involve anything. At the front, I put a sheet of paper in that has every day of the week, and under each day I fill out a thanksgiving point, prayer for others, prayer for me and everyday prayer. Some other things I put in my diary are missionary prayer letters from our churches link missionaries, our churches prayer points newsletter, a prayer log and prayer list which I will touch on in the next points

Prayer Logs

As you develop a more regular prayer life, you discover that prayer changes you to have a deeper relationship with God as it increases your faith. A good way to encourage this is through a prayer log. This is where you write down everything you have prayed about - for example family, friends, decisions and yourself. You will be amazed when you pay attention to how God answers item after item! This prayer log can be kept in your prayer diary where you can record your requests and responses.

Prayer Lists

Another useful item for your prayer diary is a list of the people you want to pray for. Write all the names down. They can be family, friends, missionaries and even enemies. When praying, read each name out to God and pray what is on your mind about them. This makes prayer more selfless. It is encouraging if you ask the people on your list if they have any prayer points, and helpful for you too.

Pinpoint a sin you stuggle with, and put it at the top of your prayer list. Pray about it every day. Colossians 4:2 says “Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful.” Confess your sin to God every time. Ask God to help you remove it from your life, keeping in mind “if we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.” 1 John 1:9

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    I read the article and was like sweet this is awesome then i looked to see who it was written by and was rather shocked :P Thanks so much Larissa it was really helpful. Another way i use to remind me to pray throughout the day is by making little links. eg. Whenever i brush my teeth i pray for my non-christian friend bob.

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    Hey Laura! Glad it helped :) check out the next Article ‘Prayer and your life’ I’m going to try this brushing teeth thing!

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    Yeah thats a really good idea :)

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    well done larissa :)  a great article!!!!

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    nice article i love it

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    How does it better prayer habits and help with prayer? I know I want to get better with prayer and be more constant so.. Should I? How can I stay on track and get better with my prayer life?

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    For those who struggle with getting distracted while praying, try doing written prayers! This is what I do, for about 40 minutes each day. In the prayer I have sections labeled as Admiration/praise, confession, thanks, and supplication (requests). I usually further break down the supplication section, and write about family & friends, school, my church, and anything I really need to get through or desire to experience. It’s been awesome and I feel that by doing the steps the author lists above, you will hear and see God in so many more ways naturally. Prayer was something I found lacking in my life, and after reading devotionals and following steps like the ones above, I’ve grown to really appreciate prayer.  Well written article!

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