5 things to do on Christmas day

Image: 5 things to do on Christmas day

It's the perfect opportunity to give thanks, and start some conversations

How are you going to spend Christmas day? 

Here's a few ideas that you might like to prepare for, if you get the opportunity:

1. As soon as you wake up on Christmas day, stop and pray. Don't worry about the rest of the day just yet, just sit up and thank God for Jesus.

2. Think about & pray for those people you will meet with, that you might have an opportunity to talk about Jesus with them. Christmas day is THE EASIEST day of the year to talk about Jesus!

3. Think about those Christians around the world who aren't able to celebrate Christmas freely. Maybe they are persecuted for their faith - maybe they are the only Christian in their community. Pray for them.

4. Volunteer to give thanks (say 'grace') before the Christmas meal with your family or friends. Perhaps you or your family don't normally do that kind of thing. Tell them it's just for Christmas day. Thank God for your family, friends, Jesus and the food.

5. If you are around people who don't know much about Jesus, try some discussion starters. "Do you think it's weird that we celebrate the birth of a baby 2000 years ago?" or "did you know, Jesus was probably born around 6-4 BC, and not on the 25th of December", or something else that is more natural for you. Try and use the opportunity of Christmas, and see if you can strike up a conversation to share the story of Jesus' birth with those around you.

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    I would do number 5 but people might get offended(not like iI would care though:-) )

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